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  • Scroll to the bottom of the page for this recipe.
Scroll to the bottom of the page for this recipe.

The Magic is in the Vines.

One of the special joys of growing tomatoes is eating red, ripe, juicy fruit directly off of the vine...right there while you’re still standing in the garden. It’s a summertime memory we’ll never forget, and an experience we hope you’ll have with our Tomatoes on the Vine (or TOVs for short.)

The next time you need an instant fix of summer, pick up some of our TOVs at your local grocer (they’re the ones with the little blue sticker). Hold them in your hand and rub the thick, green vine with your fingers to release the fragrant scent.  It will bring you right back to that summertime garden.

How to Enjoy Tomatoes on the Vine

Stuff them, slice them, dice them, roast them or enjoy them in endless varieties of dishes. Our recipe pages offer dozens of ways you can enjoy our Tomatoes on the Vine.


When we first started Backyard Farms, our mission was to grow the freshest, tastiest tomatoes around and deliver them to stores ready to enjoy.  Our Tomato on the Vine variety was the perfect fit for the job. It was the first variety we started growing in our greenhouse and we still take pride in harvesting them one vine-ripened cluster at a time. In fact, we dedicate most of our greenhouse acreage to growing TOVs.

TOV Characteristics & Fun Facts:

• They have a sweet, juicy flavor and rich texture.

• They grow on a thick green vine that lives in our greenhouse up to 48 weeks.

• They are left on this vine to soak in the plant’s nutrients until they are fully red and ripe.

• They are picked in clusters of 4 to 5.