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growing more
than tomatoes

We believe people should know where their food comes from. From our first greenhouse in Maine to wherever life takes our tomatoes, this belief drives us. It’s why we employ locally and cultivate community. It’s the reason we grow and deliver right in your neighborhood.

worker with tomatoes

part of the
local color

Your tomatoes are our tomatoes. We deliver to the same market where our own friends and family shop, and donate them to schools our children attend. That is what makes being a local grower so special–the connection to the plants AND the people who enjoy them.

man picking tomatoes
man picking tomatoes
man picking tomatoes
women picking tomatoes
Worker with tomatoes

our people share a genuine joy when the plants are healthy and the fruit is exceptional.

Pickers. Packers. Dedicated growers. Delivery drivers. The number one job we all share around here is “tomato lover.” We employ the most passionate tomato enthusiasts in America who dedicate the same attention to the plants as one does their own backyard garden.

great tomato lovers deserve great tomatoes

One of life’s simple pleasures is eating red, ripe, juicy fruit right off the vine. It’s this experience that inspires us along every step of our growing process, and we do all we can to create truly tasty tomatoes for your enjoyment.

Worker in greenhouse

a greener

Now that you’ve learned about who grows your tomatoes, come see how we grow them in our eco-conscious greenhouses.