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a world of difference

Growing great tomatoes year-round takes passion for the plants and the world in which they grow. Our state-of-the-art greenhouses are designed with innovation and responsibility in mind.

Worker in greenhouse

window to a brighter tomorrow

Greenhouse growing is best for our plants and our families. We use natural rainwater and snowfall; our energy-efficient lights go out when the sun is up; and we source renewable (and local) energy. We‘re also proactively reducing our carbon footprint through sustainable agriculture practices, responsible packaging and local delivery.

90% less land use vs. traditional farming

90% less water use vs. traditional farming

90% less fuel use vs. non-local shipping

worker tending to tomato plants
worker tending to tomato plants
worker tending to tomato plants
Team picking tomatoes

from seedling to summer sweetness

The pursuit of perfection requires diligence and devotion. From poring over hundreds of seedlings to plucking leaf by leaf, we spare no details. Come see the TLC that goes into every juicy bite:

worker with tomatoes

dedicated to delicious

Each step of the way, a committed individual is upholding our standards. Learn about the folks who make our tomatoes taste so good!