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Shannon Bard is New England's proverbial Wonder Woman. She is an innovative chef of two highly regarded restaurants, wife and mother of five. A rising star of the New England culinary srcene, she credits her family for inspiring her passion for authentic, seasonally influenced Mexican dishes with a bold, innovative flair.

Growing up in Oklahoma, Shannon and her family would sit together and enjoy large meals prepared by her grandmother and mother. Shannon would join them in the kitchen and spend hours making vibrantly flavored dishes prepared from scratch.

Meanwhile, her father and grandfather, both small farmers, imparted lessons on seasonal produce and the hard work and dedication farmers put into each and every crop.

These early influences inspired Shannon to attend culinary school. Following her training at the Culinary Institute of America in San Antonio, TX, Shannon, along with her husband, Tom Bard, and long-time friend, Sergio Ramos, opened Zapoteca Restaurante Y Tequileria in Portland, Maine and in 2016, she opened Toroso Kitchen and Cocktails, in Kennebunk, Maine.  

Chef Bard is the recent winner of the Food Network's "Kitchen Inferno" and has appeared on “Beat Bobby Flay." Her new cookbook, The Gourmet Mexican Kitchen is out now and getting rave reviews, and is on sale here.

Shannon is dedicated to offering authentic, seasonally influenced Mexican dishes with bold, innovative flair, and we are working with Shannon to bring you some delicious recipes, cooking demonstrations and social media promotions. Be sure to check back often for new dishes and tips, straight from Shannon's kitchen!