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At Backyard Farms, people matter.

We are proud to be based in the State of Maine and grateful to be part of such a supportive community.

We do what we can to give back. 

This begins with hiring from the local area.  We are incredibly fortunate to have such a dedicated and engaged group of employees, who are passionate about the tomatoes they’re growing for consumers throughout the Northeast as well as their own friends and family. We support local organizations and strive to improve our communities.

Backyard Farms employees engaged in community projects in the Madison area.

Everyone should have enough good, healthy food to eat.

As a grower of fresh tomatoes, we believe that everyone should have enough good, healthy food to eat.  Unfortunately, a major issue in our communities is hunger. Backyard Farms works closely with our local food banks in Maine.  Last year, we donated more than 500,000 lbs. of tomatoes to the Good Shepherd Food Bank and thousands of additional pounds to local food pantries to help address the hunger issue.  We work closely with the Greater Boston Food Bank to support their objectives as well.

Those faced with hunger have limited access ​tfresh and healthy food options. Some don’t even know where their next meal will come from. In Maine, 15% of households and nearly one in four children are food insecure.  In Eastern Massachusetts, 1 in 9 individuals do not know where there next meal will come from.

Here's more information about hunger and food insecurity in Maine.