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The Magic is in the Vines.

One of the special joys of growing tomatoes is eating a red, ripe, juicy fruit off the vine...right there while you’re still standing in the garden. It’s a summertime memory we’ll never forget, and an experience we hope you’ll have with our Tomatoes on the Vine (or TOVs for short.)

Stuff them, slice them, dice them, roast them or enjoy them in an endless variety of dishes. And the next time you need a little instant fix of summer, try this…(We promise you’ll be back for more.)

  1. Go to your local grocer’s produce section.
  2. Find our TOVs (with the little blue sticker). Hold them in your hand.
  3. Rub the thick, green vine with your fingers, releasing the fragrant scent of summer.
  4. Smile. Enjoy. Repeat.