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Thinking Inside and Outside the Box.

Packaging ensures our tomatoes are delivered safely to your favorite store the same way they left our greenhouse. These days, packaging can be very carbon intensive in its manufacture, and too often it ends up in a landfill. At Backyard Farms, we create packaging for form and function, as well as with consideration for the environment.

cocktail box

Sourced Close to Home

Our Cocktail boxes are made from 100%-recycled paperboard with a minimum of 35% post-consumer content. They are manufactured using 100% wind power, and printed using soy inks in nearby Augusta, Maine. In addition, all of our master cases are completely recyclable, and they are sourced close by in Auburn, Maine to minimize delivery miles.

Reusable and Responsible

Backyard Farms uses reusable pallets with most of our customers. These pallets are sent to customers and then collected, sanitized and redistributed by a third party partner. In addition, to ensure our pallets arrive securely, we wrap our pallets with tape that stretches to 600% of its original length. No corner boards or shrink wrap are needed; the cross patterns made during the wrapping process keep the pallet contents secure. When removed, the tape waste is only the size of a grapefruit, minimizing our impact on the environment.


recycle bin

In the greenhouse and offices, we recycle corrugate, which is reused to create other paper products. We also ensure our employees are conscious of recycling and run a deskside recycling program.

Our used plastics bottles are collected and brought to a redemption center, with the proceeds donated to an employee-proposed good cause. Past redemptions have benefited cancer research and the local animal shelter.