Backyard Farms

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Our Food Safety Commitment.

We have a simple vision at Backyard Farms: to be the most trusted produce brand in America.

Our passion for growing the freshest, best tasting tomatoes is rivaled only by our dedication to maintaining the highest food safety practices at every phase of the process. For us, food safety is more than a list of tasks, it’s a responsibility each and every employee takes to heart.

We never lose sight of the fact that we’re growing not only for thousands of tomato lovers in the Northeast, but also for our own families, neighbors, and friends.

Safety Practices

Our Food Safety Management System complies with all current FDA Food Safety Regulations and we manage our entire facility to meet the standards set by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GSFI).

Staying Ahead: A Dynamic Food Safety Program

Food Safety isn’t a static program; it’s always changing and improving. As a result, the food safety conversation never ends at the greenhouse. Our quality assurance team leads regular staff training sessions in order to drive continuous improvement of food safety and quality practices. They are constantly monitoring the organization as a whole, the processes of each department and the integrity of our equipment and our facility. It’s all part of our daily mission to ensure the safe and healthy growth, harvest and transportation of our tomatoes.

Backyard Farms Traceability

Detailed tracking information enables us to seamlessly and efficiently follow our tomatoes from the greenhouse to our customers’ distribution centers. It’s all part of the robust food traceability system that we constantly test and validate in order to ensure our ability to quickly respond to any food safety concern. 

Grown By Us

In the wintertime, some greenhouses close for the season, buy tomatoes from farms in warmer climates and sell them as their own. Not Backyard Farms. No matter when or where you buy our tomatoes, you can know for a fact that they came from Madison, Maine. That’s a promise.

We work hard to keep your favorite grocery store supplied with our tomatoes but as we like to say: “The Plants Are the Boss” and sometimes, they can’t keep up with orders. When that happens, some grocers will place other brands of tomatoes or other fruits/vegetables in our cases and display them on their shelves. Please know that they’re not doing this to confuse you. They’re simply trying to keep their shelves stocked as best they can. To be sure the tomato you’re buying was grown with the same care you put into your backyard garden, look for the Backyard Farms logo on the little blue stickers and on the box with the white picket fence!