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  • Winners and Recap for our Second Annual #BackyardStyle!

    Winners and Recap for our Second Annual #BackyardStyle!

    It’s official: with the end of June, so came the close of the Second Annual #BackyardStyle sweepstakes. This year we received over 16,000 entries, spurred no doubt by our amazing collection of weekly giveaways and the coveted grand prize – a $2,500 gift card to Pottery Barn. First, we want… Read More
  • Need a new #BackyardStyle? Enter to win $2,500 to Pottery Barn!

    Need a new #BackyardStyle? Enter to win $2,500 to Pottery Barn!

    It’s always tomato season at Backyard Farms, but it’s not always #BackyardStyle season in New England! This is that coveted time of year when you brush off your lawn furniture, bring out the yard games, and fire up the grill for family reunions and lazy summer nights. But with everything… Read More
  • #BackyardStyle Inspiration

    #BackyardStyle Inspiration

    Is your backyard in need of a makeover? Is it lacking something essential when your friends come over, such as a patio set or barbecue? Or does is need a lot of TLC like our anonymous friend below?  Regardless of your outdoor state, almost everyone could use a backyard boost.… Read More
  • Upgrade your #BackyardStyle: Enter to Win $2500!

    Upgrade your #BackyardStyle: Enter to Win $2500!

    Welcome to summer everyone! At Backyard Farms, we know this is the time of year when YOUR backyard becomes the star of countless barbecues, play dates, family gatherings, and lazy days with friends. That’s why we’re hosting the #BackyardStyle sweepstakes. Enter on our website for the chance to win $2500… Read More