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5 Tomato Recipes for Valentine’s Day

Whether February 14 finds you celebrating Gal-entine's Day, Pal-entine's Day or struggling with the overcommercialization of Valentine's Day, your friends at Backyard Farms are here to help. In our humble opionion, food is love. Especially when that food is thoughtfully prepared and appeals to the person you're cooking for. No matter who you're having over, here are five ideas to make this Valentine's Day a celebration of how much you care.

"Woo-worthy" Recipe | Tomato Shakshuka

If you're looking for a dish that will make your date swoon, this dish ticks all the Valentine's Day boxes - the gorgeous presenation is a feast for the eyes while the sultry blend of spices and textures warms the soul. This particular recipe was prepared for us by Matt Ginn, the Executive Chef of Evo Kitchen + Bar in Portland who recently won $10,000 on the Food Network Show "Chopped". CLICK HERE for the complete recipe but don't worry about the fancy cast iron serving bowl in the photo above. Any bowl will work just fine!

Vegetarian-Friendly Recipe | Spaghetti with Tomatoes and Asparagus

Lady and The Tramp made spaghetti synonymous with a romantic dinner for two, but what if the object of your affection has no interest in that last meatball due to dietary restrictions or personal convictions? This can't miss combination of tomatoes and asparagus needs little more than garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper and a half hour of your time to ensure your Valentine's Day dinner is a "bella notte" to remember. Just remember that nosing the last piece of asparagus to your beloved's side of the plate is a move best reserved for the movies. CLICK HERE for all the ingredients and Chef Network Partner Mary Ann Esposito's step by step instructions.

Something Different Recipe | Chicken Tikka Masala with Slow Roasted Tomatoes

While Italian dishes are one of our favorite ways to use Backyard Farms tomatoes, there's a whole world of tasty ideas out there to explore. Instead of Chicken Marsala, we invite you to give Chickent Tikka MASALA a try. This recipe was created for us by Christine Chitniss, author of Icy, Creamy, Healthy, Sweet and a food contributor to Self Magazine, Country Living and Yankee Magazine. Christine is a big fan of Indian cooking, a cuisine most of us will go out to dinner for but rarely prepare at home. If you don't have spices like turmeric, fresh ginger, and garam masala in your kitchen, make shopping for them with your sweetheart part of the adventure! CLICK HERE to learn how to make this altogether different dish that will take your culinary skills to new levels.

Something Decadent Recipe | Tomato Pie

Chef Richard Rayment is the Executive Chef of the Seaport Harbor Hotel in Boston and a huge fan of Backyard Farms tomatoes. So much so, he prepares an amazing appetizer for us every year that we serve at the annual Chefs in Shorts fundraiser to benefit Future Chefs. With just 15 minutes of prep time and a pre-made pie shell you can buy at any supermarket, this easy to make recipe yields a rich, cheesy, perfectly decadent result that your Valentine won't be able to resist. CLICK HERE to see what else you need!

Easy, One-Pan Recipe | Saucy Pizzaiola Pork Chops

If you know you're going to be pressed for time on Valentine's Day, this tasty recipe is ready in less than 45 minutes from the second you step foot in the kitchen to the moment your Valentine's eyes widen at the beautiful presentation. Simple ingredients and a single skillet/frying pan are all you need to plate up a flavorful meal that pairs well with red or white wine, an ice cold beer, or a simple glass of ice water -- whichever your Valentine prefers! CLICK HERE for the recipe.

We hope these Valentine's Day inspired tomato recipes inspire you to create a memorable meal without making a reservation or breaking the bank. After all, the best Valentine's Day gift you can ever give is quality time together and attention to the details that matter them! From all of us at Backyard Farms, Happy Valentine's Day!