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Holiday Decorating Idea | Make a Tomato Cage Snowman!

When your own backyard garden is out of commission, you can still put your tomato cage to work!

Hannah Rheaume from The Sunny Side of Things is a Maine based travel enthusiast, content creator and friend of Backyard Farms. When she’s not on the road Hannah loves being crafty with her mom and they came up with this adroable idea to put your tomato cages to festive use until it's time to plant in the spring!


1 Tomato Cage

1 Set of Christmas Lights

7 Yards of Tulle

1 Styrofoam Circle

Red Garland

1 Black Top Hat

Orange, Black, Red and Green Felt

1 Bag of Large Black Pompoms

1 Bag of Small Black Pompoms

Jute or White Ribbon

Popsicle sticks



Hot Glue Gun


Step 1: Wrap the lights
Instead of pushing the cage into the ground like you do in the summer, you'll be standing it upright to create the snowman.  Start at the "bottom" with enough length so the plug of your lights can reach the outlet and weave the lights along the wires of the cage all the way to the "top".

Step 2: Apply the tulle

Wrap the tulle around the lights and the cage, again starting from the bottom and making your way up to the top.

Step 3: Anchor the tulle

To help your snowman keep his form, tie the jute through the fabric and onto the cage at least three times.

Step 4: Add the finishing touches!

Heat up your hot glue gun and begin gluing Frosty’s buttons on using the large black pompoms. After you’ve finished that, trace out a carrot shape using the orange felt for his nose. Once that is traced, cut out and glued on to the Styrofoam head, use two more large pompoms for the eyes and seven small pompoms for the mouth.

Step 5: Apply the "scarf"

Wrap the red garland around the top of the cage. If you chose to purchase the materials to make your own hat for Frosty, use the green and red felt to make the holly.

Step 6: Attach the head
Either glue or use popsicle sticks to attach the head to the body.

VOILA. Your very own homemade Frosty using a tomato cage! If you make one for your home this holiday season, be sure to share a photo with us on our Facebook page or tag @BackyardFarms on Instagram!