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Toss a Tomato, Win Some Dough | Everything You Need To Know!

Learn all about our partnership with Portland Pie Company on a fun in-game promotion at Maine Mariners games to raise money for Good Shepherd Food Bank of Maine!

At Backyard Farms, winter is our time to shine by providing the taste of summer tomatoes on even the coldest, snowiest days. When we heard the Maine Mariners were bringing professional hockey back to Portland for the first time since 2016, we saw an opportuinty to team up with one of our restaurant customers on a fun in-game promotion while raising thousands of dollars for our friends at the Good Shepherd Food Bank of Maine.

If you've ever been to a hockey game at the Cross Insurance Arena in Portland, you may have seen a contest called Chuck A Puck. If you haven't, it looks a little something like this:

This game was very popular in the past and we hope it will be again with a few twists. In Toss A Tomato, Win Some Dough the Maine Mariners' game day crew will be selling these tomato-shaped rubber balls at the guest services table in Section K of the Cross Insurance Arena.

$5 gets you SIX of these individually numbered balls (also available for $1 each). When you buy them, the attendee will hand you six slips of paper with the numbers that match the numbers on the balls you purchased. When the horn sounds at the end of the second period and the players clear the ice, the bullgang will bring out the target below.


Once the target is in position at center ice, the announcer will let all the fans know that it's time to get ready to toss! This is important for fans sitting in any part of the arena where the protective netting could block your tomato ball. If you're in one of those sections, you'll want to make your way to an area with a clear flight path to the ice. When the horn sounds, you'll have thirty seconds to toss all of your tomatoes at the target. When the horn sounds again, the judges will determine which tomato came the closest to the bullseye and call out the number on the winning tomato ball.


Well, since we're partnering with Portland Pie Company that's famous throughout Maine for their delicious, hand-crafted pizza, it made sense for the grand prize to be some top-quality DOUGH.  Each game, one lucky tomato tosser will win 50% of the sales of all the tomato balls sold that night! With 1,000 balls available for sale at each game, you could win up to $500! But that's not all! If your ball lands in the green circle, you'll win a FREE pizza when you dine in at any of Portland Pie Company's six Maine stores or in Manchester, NH! If your ball lands in the red circle, you win a coupon good for a FREE box of Backyard Farms cocktail tomatoes! Best of all, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Good Shepherd Food Bank of Maine with a goal of raising at least $5,000 by the end of the season!

The grand prize winner will be announced immediately. If you think your tomato ball landed inside the red or green target, visit the guest services tablein Section K at any time and look to see if one of your numbers is posted on the board. If you're a winner, show your numbered slip to one of the attendants and claim your coupon!


Just like Backyard Farms, our friends at Portland Pie are dedicated to quality in every part of their business. Earlier this year, they opened up a shop in Waterville, about 30 minutes from our greenhouse so we've been able to enjoy their pizza more regularly. Even better, after we started talking about the Toss A Tomato, Win Some Dough promotion, they decided to start using our tomatoes in all their salads and on top of all their pizzas including this amazing breakfast pizza!

At Backyard Farms, we love win/wins like this and both of our organizations are excited to be a part of the famlly-friendly professional sports experience the Maine Mariners are committed to delivering at all 36 home games this season. We've already been impressed by the excellent work they've done to reach out to the community and create new fans. They received over 3,800 submissions to their "name-the-team" contest (sadly, they didn't go with the Year-Round Tomatoes) and earlier this summer, they teamed up with the Portland Sea Dogs and handed out thousands of free flags to fans of all ages. That's the kind of inclusion and consideration we appreciate at Backyard Farms and we've enjoyed working with their passionate, hard-working promotions and communicaitons team.

The East Coast Hockey League affiliate of the New York
Rangers, The Maine Mariners are on the same level as our beloved Portland Sea Dogs. The players who wear the Mariners' uniform this year could very well be the superstars of the future and will be working hard to establish themselves and improve their skills every time they take the ice. And when the players aren't entertaining the proud, the team's official mascot will. Meet Beacon the Puffin who is sure to have some crowd-pleasing tricks up his wings during time outs, intermissions and events throughout the state.

The fun starts on Saturday, October 13 at the first home game. Be sure to like Backyard Farms on Facebook for your chance to win free game tickets all season-long and for updates on all the money we raise for the Good Shepherd Food Bank
of Maine.

Because in addition to putting a lot of smiles on faces with the Toss a Tomato, Win Some Dough promotion, we're also looking forward to putting thousands of meals on the tables of our neighbors in need. GO MARINERS!!