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People Behind the Plants | Becky Battersby

In honor of all the recent high school and college graduates out there, we’ve decided to shine the spotlight on the person who makes sure our employees have all the knowledge and skills they need to succeed at Backyard Farms. Meet Becky Battersby, our Manager of Training who’s been with Backyard Farms ever since she joined us from L.L. Bean back in 2009.

What She Does

Becky began her Backyard Farms career as a Crop Care Manager where she acquired a thorough understanding of what both our plants and our people need to grow and thrive. As our Manager of Training, Becky is one of the first people our new employees meet on their first day at the greenhouse. New hire orientation is a big part of Becky’s job and includes classroom programs with groups of employees and coaching sessions with individual employees.

Becky is also in charge of our optional, after hours, in-house development program, Backyard Farms University. Designed to help our employees expand their knowledge both inside and outside the greenhouse, Backyard Farms University has offered classes in Business Writing, Conversational Spanish, OSHA 10-hour certification, CPR, first aid and plant physiology. Since she helped launch this program three years ago, six Backyard Farms University students have been promoted to management positions.

Becky is a big believer in the idea that education is a life-long journey. So much so, she regularly finds scholarship opportunities for our employees and their children. Right now, she is particularly excited to be focusing on helping our team lead and management level employees to sharpen their leadership skills. She also works with our food quality, safety and crop care teams to turn technical information, directives and best practices into easy to understand presentations and programs.

Favorite part about Backyard Farms

Becky looks forward to coming to work every day because she feels that she is really helping the employees she works with. “I’ve been given the opportunity to develop both professionally and personally,” she says. “I enjoy being able to provide that same opportunity to our hard working people and watch them turn their jobs into careers.”

The one thing she is most proud of

“I like to think I am a mentor to my co-workers,” Becky replied. “And being a part of Backyard Farms for nine year is an honor. I love everything about this place – the people, the plants and of course, the tomatoes!”

The one thing she wants people to know about Backyard Farms.

Based on her years of experience working at different companies throughout the state, Becky believes Backyard Farms “does everything they can do to make their employees successful in and outside of the workplace.” She also says it’s worth noting that “the plants are the real boss!”

Hobbies outside of the greenhouse

When she gets the chance, she loves to travel. Maui is her favorite place! When she’s home in Maine, Becky and her husband spend as much time outdoors as they can hunting, fishing, boating and four wheeling.

Favorite tomato recipe

When we asked Becky her favorite recipe, she couldn’t pick just one! Her go-tos are bruschetta, salsa and BLT’s!