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Turning Toast Into Tasty Meals With Tomatoes | Meet Michelle Phillips!

One of our favorite things about having Backyard Farms on Facebook and Instagram is seeing all the delicious dishes our fans and followers create with our tomatoes! Over the past few months, we’ve been blown away by the lovely soup and salad dishes Michelle Phillips of Massachusetts has been tagging us in on Instagram. For this post, however, we’re going to showcase some of Michelle’s terrific toast recipes that are as easy to prepare and enjoyable to eat as they are beautiful to look at, like this pic that elevates Avocado Toast to an art form!

A self-described Vegan Foodie, Michelle is a master of fresh, tasty, and easy to prepare vegan meals. Like this indulgent looking “No Egg” Sandwich made with avocados, vegan cheese, and our Beefsteak tomatoes.

What we love most about Michelle’s dishes is their simplicity – and when you’re a busy mom to three kids and four dogs like she is, the easier your meals are to prepare, the better! The fact that all of her dishes are healthy is a happy bonus -- and what's healthier than her "Kale Yeah" toast?

“I’ve always been an animal lover and have not eaten anything on four legs in 33 years.” she says. After having neck surgery several years ago, Michelle felt “congested” and sought natural relief in the form of a raw diet. Michelle “felt amazing” on the raw diet but struggled to maintain it while providing separate meals for her non-vegetarian kids. Two and a half years ago, Michelle decided to take the plunge and dove headfirst into the 22-Day Vegan Challenge: “They say it takes 22 days to break a habit and it worked! I lost all cravings for sweets and most processed foods,” she says.

Michelle credits her vegan lifestyle with helping her win the biggest battle of her life, overcoming breast cancer. “All throughout my surgeries, chemo and radiation, I had glowing skin! I skied, hiked and powered through it all. Granted I was stubborn and hit it straight on, but people never knew I was “sick” or had cancer.” she states. Today, she’s still hiking, skiing, and skinning up mountains, all while taking a single medication to keep her cancer from recurring. “I take no anti-inflammatory meds or pain meds. All diet.” Just because Michelle is vegan, doens't mean she sacrifices flavor in her meals, check out her incredible One Minute, Four Ingredient Lunch below!

All these experiences have inspired Michelle to share her favorite recipes in the hopes of helping other people eat, feel and live better. In addition to Instagram, she shares her recipes on Facebook where more than 4,000 people have been inspired by her healthy living “The Daily Vegan” ideas. We invite you to follow Michelle on your favorite social network where you’ll find detailed recipes for all of the dishes in this post. If you share her talent for turning our tomatoes into tasty dishes, please share them on our Facebook wall, tag us on Instagram or use #AlwaysTomatoSeason in your next post. You could be the next super fan we showcase here on the blog!