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Scenes from the “Hannaford Loves Local” Video Shoot

At Backyard Farms, we appreciate every supermarket chain, independent store, food service provider, and wholesaler that sells, serves, or distributes our tomatoes. We're especially grateful when our clients ask us to help them explain to their customers how we grow fresh tomatoes year-round and why we care so much about quality. A few weeks ago, our friends at Hannaford Supermarkets sent Jason and Ryan from Red Stallion Media to our greenhouse to capture some of the sights and sounds of daily life in our greenhouse that they turned into the fantastic video below:

It took six hours of shooting to create that two minute video and we wanted to honor the hardworking guys from Red Stallion Media by sharing some behind the scenes photos that capture all the effort, sweat and patience that went into this terrific piece of storytelling.

Here are Jason and Ryan from Red Stallion decked out in our regulation food safety gear. If you've ever wondered why we don't offer tours to the public, this photo really tells the tale. Every visitor to our greenhouse has to wear a sterile jumpsuit and booties that completely cover their shoes and extend just below the knee. As much as we'd like to show students around our greenhouse, can you imagine outfitting an entire classroom in this gear?

Jason and Ryan arrived on a beautiful, sunny day that provided perfect lighting for most of the greenhouse shots. The only problem with sunny days is that the temperature in the greenhouse goes up every hour which made for some increasingly more challenging conditions for Jason and Ryan to film in, especially in all that food safety gear. Fortunately for us, they took the rising temperatures in stride.

For the picking scene, Jason filmed employee Josh from all sorts of angles over the course of twenty minutes for what amounted to less than 10 seconds of finished video. That's a lot of hot, hard work for a few quick scenes!

Our Director of Marketing Jim Darroch and Assistant Grower Brady Sinclair had the two speaking roles in the video. This photo illustrates how Jason and Ryan had to adjust to the changing light conditions in the greenhouse by repositioning the white shade above Jim's head. Too much light and Jim's face would have been washed out, too little light and the scene would have been too dark. While the finished product came out extremely well, rest assured, Jim flubbed a few lines along the way. Thanks to the patience and talent of Red Stallion's editor, you'd never know but since Jim is all about "maintaining transparency," we figured he wouldn't mind us sharing that info with you!

When we said we were giving you a "behind-the-scenes" look at this video shoot, we meant it! Here you can see how close Jason got to our packing team along with a product supermarket customers never see. The brown boxes on the right labelec TOMATOES 25 LBS will be filled with #2 quality tomatoes and shipped to restaurants, schools, hospitals and cafeterias throughout the northeast. When sliced and served on sandwiches, quartered into salads or chopped into soups or sauces, these tomatoes are just as tasty as the ones you buy at your favorite store. The only difference is they are either too small, oddly shaped or have small blemishes that don't meet our super strict #1 quality standards.

Speaking of quality standards, did you notice the extra food safety protection we made Jason and Ryan wear in these last two photos?

In the photo above, you can see Ryan is now wearing a hair net and protective gloves. In the photo above that, look real close and check out the stylish beard net we made Jason put on his face. Everyone in the packhouse wears this extra protection to ensure we handle your tomatoes with utmost care and respect. The photo above also captures the final inspection of our tomatoes before they are placed on palets and shipped to your store. Each cluster receives a final visual inspection and is weighed to confirm that we are meeting our responsibilities to our customers. For the tomatoes on the vine that were the subject of this video, each packed case must weigh at least 11 pounds.

It's extremely difficult to sum up in two minutes all that happens in our 42-acre greenhouse and all the hard work, pride and dedication we put into growing, picking and packing our tomatoes. All of us at Backyard Farms are thrilled with how Red Stallion's video turned out and we're extremely grateful to our long-time partners at Hannaford for including us in their "We Love Local" project. If you'd like to learn more about Red Stallion Media and their capabilities, be sure to check out their website and tell them we sent you! Finally (and most importantly), we thank Hannaford again for giving us the opportunity to provide you with this behind the scenes look at how we do what we do here at Backyard Farms.

Thanks for watching and reading!