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People Behind the Plants | Cory Bloom

For this month’s edition of People Behind the Plants, we decided to have a little fun with an employee whose sense of humor is as strong as his worth ethic – Shipping Lead Cory Bloom. If you think a guy whose last name is “Bloom” was destined to work in a greenhouse, you’d get no argument from us. In fact, we love Cory Bloom so much, we thought we’d see how many gardening references we could pack into this story.

Here goes:

From the day he planted himself in the distribution center of Greenhouse 2 in 2014, Cory instantly put down roots and established himself as a hard-working, dedicated employee. Cory blossomed in his role for three years but like most ambitious people, he wanted to spread his leaves and bask in the sunshine of a leadership role.

At Backyard Farms, we’re proud of our track record of promoting from within and do everything we can to help our people grow in their careers. Sometimes, our people need to see if the grass is greener in someone else’s yard and in May of 2017, Cory Bloom plucked an opportunity and transplanted himself with another company. We were sad to lose him but he left us on the best possible terms. So much so that seven months later when a position opened up that fit Cory’s skills like a gardening glove, we welcomed him back to our farm as our new Shipping Lead.

Thriving in his new role

Today, Cory is the King Fruit of our entire shipping operation overseeing the timely packing of all orders for both of our greenhouses. This involves managing three (soon to be four) Shippers who are responsible for loading the right amounts of product onto the right pallets, labeling them accurately and having them ready for pick up at the right time. Being a Shipper is a fast-paced, detail-oriented job that requires excellent organization skills, leadership skills and communication/motivation skills to ensure that the packhouse team is moving product through the system as quickly as possible without compromising on quality.

Cory also coordinates with the different trucking companies we work with as well as the drivers who work for our customers to make sure all truck arrive on time, leave on time and aren’t kept waiting at any point of the process.

Cory’s day begins around 5:15am and ends around 6:15pm depending on the day’s workload. His responsibilities include checking product output, managing data input, making sure the timetable is followed for trucking companies, and working with the shippers to help get the loads together. Simply put, Cory is in charge of making sure everything is running from the start of the shipping process to the moment the trucks leave the building.

Favorite part about Backyard Farms

Cory’s favorite part about working at Backyard Farms is the work environment. “People are always smiling.” he said.

One thing Cory is most proud of

“The product we have to offer our customers,” said Cory. “There are many details that go into the shipping process to ensure the tomatoes are reaching stores as quickly as we can to make so it’s always as fresh as possible.”

What Cory wants people to know about Backyard Farms

“What a good place it is to work,” Cory says. He highlights the fair hourly pay and great benefits we have at Backyard Farms along with many different job opportunities that are available company wide as people advance.

Hobbies outside of the greenhouse

Cory lives in Skowhegan and loves to spend time outside with his wife and five children.

We kidded around with Cory a bit in this post but he wouldn’t have it any other way. Believe us, he can dish out the good natured ribbing every bit as well as he can take it. Of course, there’s one thing we’d never joke about with Cory and that’s his dedication. Ask anyone who knows him and they’ll tell you that Cory is 100% committed to his job, his co-workers and our company. He’s always one of the first people in the building and he doesn’t leave until the day’s work is done. And if a driver has been delayed by weather, sometimes that work isn’t done until 7 o’clock at night. Cory is a great role model for all of our employees here and always encourages others to think for themselves, learn new skills and improve every day.

Like Jim in Marketing likes to say: “Everything’s rosy when Bloom’s in the house!”