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People Behind the Plants | Judy Huff

One of the most important roles in our greenhouse is Crop Care Specialist. These are the people who care for our plants with the same care and dedication as they do their own gardens. In fact, inside the greenhouse, that's just what we call them — Personal Gardeners. Make no mistake about it though, there's nothing relaxing about working in the Backyard Farms greenhouse. It's hard work that requires a lot of focus and attention to detail and Judy Huff is one of our absolute best.

Back in November, we shared what a typical day is like for a Crop Care Specialist when we interviewed Emily Ames. This month, we decided to shake things up by interviewing Assistant Growers Brady Sinclair and Liza Graham who have both supervised Judy during her many years at Backyard Farms. We wanted to know what makes Judy such a great employee for two reasons.— to give her the public recognition she deserves and to let anyone thinking about becoming a Backyard Farms Crop Care Specialist know what it takes to succeed here.


Despite the fact that they were interviewed separately, Brady and Liza both stated that Judy always goes above and beyond her job description on a daily basis. Even though the work day doesn't offically begin until 6am, Judy always arrives at 5 to save her co-workers time by mixing up the disinfectant they all use to sanitize their tools throughout the day. This selfless act saves the rest of the team a lot of time in the morning so they can get straight to work. Once the day is underway, Judy continues to assist her co-workers by coaching, mentoring and pitching in to help them reach their efficiency goals. All this while maintaining her own ten rows of plants. As Liza says: "I have often asked Judy to help oversee projects when I am in need and she has always seen them through to completion."


Respect is one of our core values at Backyard Farms and Judy is a shining example for all to follow. "She understands how her job relates to others so she is extremely approachable," Brady explains. "Other employees, particular new ones will go to Judy for help. Her understanding of the plants makes it easy for her to teach them the tricks and her passion is contagious." As we like to say at Backyard Farms: "The Plants Are the Boss." The fact is, our plants can be really tough bosses sometimes. Plants don't care if you have to leave early, or have to come in late. Fortunately for us, Judy does. In addition to being one of the first people to arrive in the morning, Judy regularly stays late when there's extra work that needs to be done or a co-worker has fallen behind.


At Backyard Farms, we're fortunate to have scores of employees like Judy who are willing to go the extra mile when we need their help. What makes Judy special is that she doesn't wait to be asked which makes Brady and Liza's busy jobs a lot easier. "She consistently takes the initiative to move from her area to help her coworkers to meet their weekly goals for crop completion," Liza says. "Judy has a lot of knowledge about the crop and our work processes. She's happy to share her knowledge with others on a daily basis whenever necessary. She's also helped to train and develop new employees in the past."     

Are you interested in learning from Judy and becoming the newest member of the Backyard Farms crop care team? CLICK HERE to see the list of positions we're currently recruiting for and to find our online application. In the meantime, leave us a comment with any questions about what it's like to work at the largest greenhouse in New England and let us know what job you'd like to learn about next!