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After taking some time to update our greenhouse, it's time to resume our 10-year Anniversary celebration with our best prize of the year, THIS custom-made travel tote from Maine's own Sea Bags.

If you entered our weekly giveaway for a box of free cocktail tomatoes, you're already qualified to win this bag (if you haven't entered, CLICK HERE)! Made from recycled sails at their workshop on Portland's working waterfront, Sea Bags are prized the world over for their creativity and durability. We took advantage of their custom design services to create a one-of-a-kind sea bag and reward one lucky fan with the ultimate Backyard Farms accessory. Once we received the bag, we asked Maine native and international travel blogger Hannah Rheaume of The Sunny Side of Things to take it to some of her favorite places in Maine and fill it with goodies form each town she visited.

Here's Hannah's write up of her adventure along with a look at some of the bonus prizes we'll ship inside the custom Sea Bag!

Bar Harbor

I went to school at The University of Maine, Orono. One day some friends and I visited Bar Harbor and I quickly fell in love with its seaside village charm. Being back here had me feeling quite nostalgic to say the least. The coastal walk is one of my must-dos! For brunch or lunch you will always find me in Side Street Café and chances are I will probably be eating The Emmy with chicken! If you have the time, you must visit Acadia National Park! If you aren’t into hiking, not to worry, you can drive to the top of Cadillac Mountain-by far the best view. While I was there, I picked up a cool baseball cap. The orange color reminded me of the way the rocks below Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse look at sunset. A sight you have to see to believe!


I grew up going to Boothbay, and I always loved how every street seemed to lead to the water here. One of my favorite childhood memroies was walking these streets with my mother. Coffee in hand, my mom told me stories from her childhood and I listened. When I saw this cute mug in one of the many souvenir stores along the harbor, I just couldn't resist it and I hope you like it, too!


I’ve logged many hours in Portland. It’s a place I could see myself living long term actually! But for now, I will happily visit at (the very) least once a week. If it’s coffee I’m craving, I always head to Bard−without question! For my Matcha Lattes and smoothie bowls you will find me at Blake Orchard, definitely pricey but well worth it. For a quick bite, I always seem to end up at b-good! I love the convenience, healthy options and that you can add sweet potato to every dish! And really, what is a trip to Portland without paying a visit to the coveted Holy Donut!? The best way to see Portland (the Old Port) is to walk! That way you’ll walk off all of the delicious food and craft beer. Speaking of craft beer, I picked up a terrific pint glass for your favorite brew!

Aside from the food, there are so many hidden gems just waiting to be discovered in Portland. Be sure to head to at least one lighthouse! My two favorites are Spring Point Ledge Light and Portland Headlight.


I guess you could say I have a thing for seaside towns in Maine! But there really is nothing better. I’ve had the chance to spend quite a bit of time in Kennebunk the last couple of years, so basically that makes me a local... right? Okay, maybe not but I do know a thing or two about this area!

If it’s the right season, get in, on or near the water. A personal favorite is kayaking with Coastal Maine Kayaks. My favorite beach in this area is Goose Rocks Beach, you have to watch the sunrise here! Absolutely stunning. Favorite spots for food? Alisson's for year-round pub fare, Dock Square for coffee and Rococo’s for some delicious and unique ice cream! More Kennebunkport? Check these two blog posts:  ONE and TWO. As you can see in the photo above, there are dozens of places to shop in Kennebunkport so picking a souvenir was extra tough. I went with a bag of saltwater taffy from The Candyman!


This was my first time visiting the area! So obviously I made my way to Nubble Lighthouse but the coast was completely fogged in. OF COURSE! I was looking forward to seeing this iconic lighthouse but I guess I will just have to pay it another visit. Instead, I headed for the town. First stop? Fun O Rama! I love a good arcade and it’s even better when its right on the beach! And no, I didn’t win anything. Be sure to grab french fries while you’re in York! So good with salt and vinegar! If the weather isn’t cooperating (because it definitely was not for me), York Beach is another great area to wander around the streets. There are countless shops, restaurants,  and coffee shops to keep you busy for a few hours! While I was disappointed that I couldn't spend some time on the beach, I found the perfect beach blanket for you to enjoy next summer!

Having explored different parts of Maine, I can truly understand why they call it Vacationland. I am so happy I get to call this place home! Exploring is endless, no matter the season or weather. While I may not have experienced the best weather during these travels, I still think it’s worth it to get out and explore! You never know what you might find.Throughout my journey, the Backyard Farms limited edition Sea Bag was the perfect traveling companion. I saw a lot of them on the arms of locals and tourists alike and for lots of good reasons -- it's got room for everything, it's stylish and since the sails it's made from were built to stand up to gale force winds, it's sure to last for years of beach going and sightseeing. Good luck to all who enter at and thank you, Backyard Farms for sending me on this great adventure!