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People Behind The Plants: Megan Murphy

Last month we highlighted Liza Graham, our Director of Crop Care. Next up we have Megan Murphy, Assistant Manager for Greenhouse Two (Two connected greenhouses compromise our 42-acre indoor farm. Greenhouse 2 is 18-acres and is where we grow our cocktail tomatoes)!

Megan came to us all the way from Colorado. Orginally from Maine, she loved the time she spent exploring the Rocky Mountains and experiencing a completely different way of life but her DownEast roots run deep. Megan's heart never left Maine and when her sister-in-law suggested she consider working at Backyard Farms, she applied without hesitation. That was 2013 and Megan is still thrillled to be home and we're just as happy to have her on our team.

A Day in the Life

Whlie Greenhouse Two is Megan's second home, she still spends plenty of time in the office making sure everything runs smoothly. Firstly, she is a labor manager. In addition to organizing our crop care workers' schedules and deciding where their focus needs to be each day, Megan evaluates her team's performance and makes sure each employee has the support, tools and knowledge he or she needs to succeed. This involves assisting with training new employees and conducting refresher training sessions with experienced employees. Megan also spends a lot of time walking the rows doing quality checks to ensure our high standards are being met every day. 

Favorite part about working at Backyard Farms

Megan is a big fan of the outdoors. She loves working in the greenhouse because she feels like she's part of nature. “Working under the glass is like working outside,” she says.

Outside the farm

When Megan isn’t in the greenhouse you can find her traveling, rafting or four wheeling. If you like rafting, she recommends the Kennebec River: "After the adrenaline rush at the beginning, it’s a pretty leisurely rafting experience."

The one thing she wants people to know about Backyard Farms

Megan wants people to know that Backyard Farms is local. “Community grown people work here,” she says. "And we all put a lot of time, effort and care into growing these tomatoes to make sure every crop is the best itcan be for our customers." It really comes full circle for her when she’s at the grocery store and picks up the tomatoes and realizes she and her team are the reason they’re on the shelves.

Megan is one of over 200 real people working hard at every step of the growing, picking and packing process at Backyard Farms. Stay tuned for another People Behind The Plants feature next month!