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Eataly Boston | So Many Ways to “Eat Better, Live Better”

We recently visited the newest store that sells Backyard Farms tomatoes and we’re excited to tell you all about it!

Whether you’re a fan of celebrity Chef Mario Batali, a lover of Italian food, or simply live in Massachusetts and are privy to city happenings, you have probably already heard of Eataly – one of the most talked about Boston store/restaurant openings in years.

Picture an Italian heaven complete with a restaurant, cheese shop, tapas bar, butcher shop, fish monger, wine bar, delicatessen, wine store, bakery, espresso bar and, of course, a fruit and vegetable stand. Located in the heart of Boston’s Prudential Center, it’s a feast for the eyes, ears, nose and, most importantly, mouth. We’re incredibly proud that our tomatoes are part of the experience.

During our visit to Eataly, we were especially intrigued by the message on the back of the shirts worn by their restaurant servers and store associates.

At Eataly, you’ll find passion for food in every inch of the store. The variety and sheer abundance of the products are overwhelming. To prepare yourself, we recommend reading their “manifesto” which describes their belief that “one of the greatest joys is what happens around the dinner table”. To make your next meal as joyful as possible, they’ve curated a selection of delicacies from all over the world.

We’ve never seen so many different types of cured meats and exotic cheeses in one place.

At Eataly, you can do your grocery shopping for the week, find the perfect gift to bring to a dinner party, grab a quick lunch or discover an amazing new recipe to dazzle your family. It’s important to note that when they say “eat better,” they’re not speaking as nutritionists, dietitians or personal trainers. They’re talking about high-quality, decadent food that most of us love to eat. Eataly provides the bounty, the moderation is up to you!

Eat a salad or indulge in gelato? One of the unlimited choices awaiting you at Eataly!

It’s not ALL meat, cheese and pasta at Eataly. Their produce section is world-class, impeccably presented and wonderfully fresh. So while the temptations are many (have we mentioned the cannoli cart?), you’ll also find all the ingredients you need for the Paleo Diet, the Mediterranean Diet or any other diet for that matter.

Whether you live in Massachusetts or you’re planning a visit to Boston, be sure to schedule a visit to Eataly, look for our tomatoes in the produce section and, as always, let us know what you think. Ciao!