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Savoring the Last Bites of Summer at the Seaport Hotel

At Backyard Farms, we know that summer is a special time for customers who love all the awesome flavors of the season. To demonstrate how well tomatoes go with summer’s most popular produce items, we held our Savor the Summer contest in early September where we asked our Facebook fans to vote for the ingredient they most wanted to see combined with our tomatoes. In an incredibly tight ballot, corn beat blueberries by a mere 8 votes and Barbara Lima from Rochester, NY won two tickets to watch the winning recipe prepared before her eyes at the Seaport Hotel’s Action Kitchen.

That exclusive event occurred on Saturday, September 24 where we joined by some of Boston’s most followed food bloggers and Instagrammers – Boston Foodies, Two Hungry Bostonians, Boston Georgina, Eating Boston, Boston_Bites and Tiny Urban Kitchen. Tiffany from Boston Foodies already wrote her own excellent review of the evening but here are the highlights from our side of the table.

Let’s start with the Action Kitchen. If you’re looking for an altogether different way to celebrate a milestone event or to host a team building exercise, the Action Kitchen is the perfect location for a group of 12-15 people.

With three cooking stations, all of your guests will have an opportunity to participate in the chopping, slicing, blending, mixing, grilling and sautéing…or they can simply observe the culinary skills of others either up close or on the video screens while enjoying a glass of wine.

Our Savor the Summer guests were quick to put the ACTION in Action Kitchen. They donned their aprons and dove right in to the prep work that needed to be done…even our social media winner, Barbara!

On this night, the main dish had to feature corn –the aforementioned winning ingredient from our social media contest. Chef Richard Rayment decided to create a balanced dish that he called ‘Tomato Ceviche with Pan-Roasted Scallops, Char-Grilled Corn, and Pepper Salsa.’ 

To showcase the versatility of tomatoes, Chef Rayment even prepared a delicious dessert called Tomato Fool. The photo below shows Chef whipping together heavy cream and Greek yogurt with chopped cocktail tomatoes. When all the ingredients come together, the resulting taste “fools” you into thinking you’re eating strawberries. It’s a light, delicious dessert that is sure to fascinate your guests!

Of course, the purpose of this event was about more than bringing fun people together to prepare a meal. Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing the photos these talented bloggers and Instagrammers took during the course of the night to show you the different ways people can experience the same event. Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram to see the updates and to make sure you’re one of the first people to know about our next exciting event!