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Beating the Burger Blues

You can’t even mention the word “summer” without being swept away by delicious daydreams of all things barbecued. But if you’ve been sweating over the grill and flipping burgers since Memorial Day, you may be starting to fall victim to summer burger boredom. It’s time to shake things up!

We’ve done the work so you can enjoy the benefits. We’ve rounded up three of the easiest and tastiest burger ideas that all make use of our favorite summertime ingredients.

Beer Braised Burger Bliss

What do you love more in the hot summer months than a burger and a beer? Nothing. Chef Greg Bernier of the Sea Dog Brewing Company made our mouths water when he decided to pair the two together and braise a juicy burger in his special Sea Dog Gollywobbler Brown Ale. Sometimes all a burger needs are the basics, with a twist.

Full recipe can be found on our site here.

Burger, Hold the Meat

Vegetarians, step away from the tofu dogs and veggie patties! Liz Harris from The Floating Kitchen has whipped up a positively savory Barbeque Portobello Mushroom Burger that will change your summer grilling game forever.

Add a tomato to this sandwich and you’ve got the recipe for a deliciously successful night!

Egg It and Bread It

We couldn’t round up our best burger recipes without including this gem from Chef Chris Damian of Boston’s Burger Dive! For last year’s Battle of the Burgers, he gloriously paired a grass-fed beef patty with our tomatoes, Applewood-smoked bacon, Vermont cheddar cheese and iceberg lettuce, then topped the creation with a cage free fried egg!

Does the idea of burgers for dinner tonight still bore you? We didn’t think so.