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Help Backyard Farms’ Annual Tomato Drive

While the holidays and “season of giving” has come and gone, there is still a major need for donations and support at local food banks in New England during the winter, especially for fresh produce. While the Good Shepherd Food Bank of Maine is the primary beneficiary of our tomato donations, we know that there are a lot of people in Boston who need help, too.

Last year, we held a Virtual Tomato Drive that sent 5,000 pounds of fresh tomatoes to the Greater Boston Food Bank. It was such a positive experience for our fans, the Food Bank and ourselves, we’ve decided to do it again this year.

Now through January 15th, you can help us raise awareness for this great cause by sharing our Facebook post on your page. For each share, we’ll donate 10 pounds of fresh Backyard Farms tomatoes to the Greater Boston Food Bank, with a goal of sending them another 5,000 pounds!

The Greater Boston Food Bank's mission is to end hunger in the area, with an objective to distribute enough food to provide at least one meal a day to those in need. In the Boston area, 1 in 9 people are at risk of hunger – an issue that cannot go overlooked. There are many ways to help, and we have enjoyed working with them on various events.

So go ahead, share the tomatoes, and stay tuned for more GBFB fun later in the month, when we’ll be participating in their Super Hunger Brunch!

**** 1/15 UPDATE ****

Just a little over 24 hours after we posted the Tomato Drive on Facebook, we reached our 5,000 pound goal and the shares kept on coming. More importantly, this post sparked a lot of great conversation about food banks all over New England that also need year-round support. We were so moved by the reaction of our fans and the awesome ideas they exchanged, we decided to double our donation to 10,000 pounds. Thanks to everyone who shared their comments and ideas as well as our post. We truly appreciate it!