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Mingling with Current and Future Chefs in Boston

Fridays are food days at Backyard Farms, and last week, we kept the tradition going at Boston’s Seaport Hotel and World Trade Center for the 18th annual Chefs in Shorts. It was a picture perfect night and we were happy to join in!

On Friday, June 19th, Chefs in Shorts brought together 40+ local chefs for an epic grill-off to benefit Future Chefs, an organization that prepares urban teens for quality work and life after high school by providing opportunities in the restaurant industry. The three-phase program starts with “culinary exploration” and involves collaboration with food service employers, social service agencies, and educators, such as the New England Culinary Institute, Southern New Hampshire University and others. Success is reached when a participant completes a college degree, formal apprenticeship, or is employed in a living-wage job with opportunity for growth. We think that’s pretty great!

At the event, the members of Future Chefs kept busy helping all of the chefs, and we certainly appreciated the assistance!

Photo Credit: Laura Widness, Ruby Shoes Photography

During the evening, we sampled Cocktail Tomatoes and Tomato Fool. Tomato, what? You heard us! Tomato Fool – a creamy dessert dish the Seaport Hotel’s very own Chef Rayment concocted for us.

You may be thinking, “Tomatoes … for dessert?” Yes! Tomatoes on the Vine, sugar, red pepper flakes, balsamic vinegar, Greek yogurt and icing sugar are all it will take to make this dish, which some guests told us tasted a bit like strawberry! We were fooled.

Overall, we had a great night and met some fantastic people. We can’t wait until next year! For now, be sure to check out some of our other upcoming events: - see you there!