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Clover Food Lab and Backyard Farms: There’s a Science to a Great Tomato Sandwich

Did you know that there’s a science to a great tomato sandwich? Well, maybe not technically, but there's some tasty culinary chemistry happening at Clover Food Lab that we're excited to share with you!

Perfectly situated in the hub of innovation and technology, Kendall Square in Cambridge, Mass., the ever-popular Clover Food Lab is known for its minimalist and industrial physical design.

Founded in 2008 by MIT alumnus, Ayr Muir, Clover Food Lab’s restaurants (five) and food trucks (seven) have been popping up throughout Boston and Cambridge over the past few years. Muir’s combination of his extensive scientific knowledge and his passion for healthy, locally sourced food has been well received not only by the Boston community, but the foodie community nationwide.

At Clover, what’s found on the menu from day to day is based on the availability of fresh ingredients they source from local farmers and businesses. We are proud of, and humbled, to share with you that Backyard Farms happens to be one of those local produce sources that they rely on. In fact, they are currently using our Beefsteak Tomatoes in their “Maine Tomato Sandwich,” which, in addition to our tomatoes, is also made up of fried Ironbound Island Seaweed and sriracha mayo – delicious!    

Yesterday, we got the chance to see just how popular Clover Food Lab Kendall Square is, up close and personal, while sampling our fresh, juicy tomatoes to hungry lunch goers.

We spoke to hundreds of people about our tomatoes, and the feedback that we received was music to our ears. Thanks to all who stopped by to say hello, and a special thank you to Clover Food Lab for hosting us!

Have you had the chance to stop by a Clover Food Lab restaurant or food truck? Did you treat yourself to a Maine Tomato Sandwich? We’d love to hear your feedback in the comments section below!