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Live Large:  The Mighty Beefsteak

It’s the porterhouse of the tomato family with a flavor profile that’s as big as its size. Juicy, meaty and sweet, the Beefsteak Tomato is one of the four varieties we grow all year long in our greenhouse.

Unlike our Tomatoes on the Vine and Cocktail Tomatoes that are both picked in full clusters, Beefsteak Tomatoes are picked from their clusters one at a time.  Every Beefsteak in the cluster is able to grow big, plump and juicy, and each one is picked at just the right time.



How to Eat the Beef

Weighing in at about half a pound, they develop a big meaty texture while growing red and ripe on the vine. Sure, you could eat them like an apple (this is actually the preferred method for many of the growers), but the Beefsteaks are typically sliced and ready to compliment many dishes.

Sandwiches love Beefsteaks. The slices cover the entire width of the bread, adding a fresh, juicy flavor to every bite. One of our favorites? A slice of a Beef, basil, mozzarella and chicken served between two fresh slices ciabatta.

But that’s just the beginning! The Margherita Pizza: can you think of a better tomato than Beefs for this? Or how about tomatoes for breakfast with a Breakfast Pizza: served with a sunny-side-up egg and fresh herb pesto.

Anyway you slice it, the Beefsteak Tomato delivers a rich, juicy flavor to every meal. It’s a healthy treat (there’s 42% of your daily Vitamin C in just one Beefsteak!) that’s delicious at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

So, are you hungry for a slice of Beefsteak yet? Let us know how you like to eat them in the comments section below!