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Tomato Spotlight: Tomatoes on the Vine


Our History with Tomatoes on the Vine:
When we first started Backyard Farms, our mission was to grow the freshest, tastiest tomatoes around and deliver them to stores ready to enjoy.  Our Tomato on the Vine (or TOV, for short) variety was the perfect fit for the job. It was the first variety we started growing in our greenhouse and we still take pride in harvesting them one vine-ripened cluster at a time. In fact, we’ve dedicated most of our greenhouse acreage to growing Tomatoes on the Vine.

TOV Characteristics & Fun Facts:
• Naturally deep red color and grow on a thick green vine
• They have a sweet, juicy flavor and rich texture
• They are picked in clusters of 4 to 5
• They are left to soak in the plant’s nutrients until they turn a deep red
• If you rub the green vine with your fingers it releases a fragrant summer scent

How to store your TOVs:
You should always keep your Tomatoes on the Vine at room temperature with plenty of air circulation on your kitchen counter (never in the fridge!). We recommend storing them in a big fruit bowl and they’ll be fresh to eat for about four days. It’s also important to keep them away from other ethylene producing fruits such as bananas and avocados, to prevent them from ripening too quickly for you to eat!  Follow these tips and your TOVs will taste delicious with every bite.

Cooking with TOVS:
Stuff them, slice them, dice them, roast them or enjoy them in an endless variety of dishes. We love to use them in this Rustic Tomato and Cheese Pie created by our head chef, Mary Ann Esposito! Tomatoes on the Vine go perfectly with the gooey cheese and chopped basil. How do you use your TOVs in the kitchen?

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