Backyard Farms

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We are tomato growers. It’s what we do, it’s what we love, and it’s where and how we live.

When we realized that there were a lot of people out there just like us, people that feel something when they smell a plant, or get excited when they see a first flower start to form to a piece of fruit, or just really enjoy eating a good tomato, we knew we could build a business around truly great tomatoes. And if we could do it throughout the winter, people would appreciate it as much as we would.

Our Story:

On a cold February day in 2004, we noticed that every tomato in the grocery store was grown in Canada. Or Mexico. Or Holland. So they weren’t really ripe. They had just turned red while traveling long distances. As lovers of great tomatoes (like the kind we get from our own backyards in summer), we wondered, wouldn’t it be great to grow fresh tomatoes right here at home all year long?

The seed was planted. Through a lot of hard work and a bit of New England ingenuity, Backyard Farms was born.

Today, Backyard Farms delivers great tomatoes to the Northeast all year long. Even during the long, cold New England winter. We’ve introduced a new way of doing business to the tomato industry. One where freshness and quality of the tomatoes comes first. One built on relationships with our community.  And one where we never compromise.  To us, that’s the only way it should be.

From Our Backyard:

We think people should know where their food comes from and who’s growing it. We believe in and support local produce—particularly the desire of people to have a higher-quality, fresher, better-tasting tomato. Quality comes first. Quantity second. That’s why we are just as excited as you to enjoy a local, garden-grown tomato in late summer.

We know great tomatoes don’t come easy, and we’re all for anyone that wants to join in our pursuit, or simply enjoy the fruits of our labor.