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Quality starts with people.

Backyard Farms employee

About 200 people, in fact, who work in our greenhouse and share the same passion and commitment to the pursuit of great tomatoes.

We named our company Backyard Farms for a simple reason: We’re trying our best to bring the same dedicated attention to our plants as you would to your own backyard garden. One way we do this is to treat the entire 42-acre greenhouse not as a single, indoor farm, but rather as a collection of smaller gardens tended to by dedicated growers that we call Personal Gardeners.

Each gardener looks after 10 rows of plants and gives them the love and attention they deserve from planting till they are fully ripened on the vine. In short, they’re the ones you can thank for your great-tasting tomatoes.

We believe to be successful, we must have people who share a genuine joy when the plants are healthy and the fruit is good. In many ways, these are their tomatoes. They’re not shipping them off halfway across the country to some store they’ll never see. They are growing tomatoes for the market down the street (and ones just like it in your neighborhood.) These are the very same tomatoes they bring home to their family and serve to their friends. They better be good!

In addition to the satisfaction that comes from seeing the fruits of their labor on the shelves of grocery stores from Maine to Maryland, our Personal Gardeners enjoy a comprehensive benefits package and incentive program that rewards them for their hard work. It’s our way of ensuring that the people most responsible for the consistent quality and flavor of our tomatoes get a share of their success in the marketplace.