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On the Vine Until Their Time.

Tomatoes. It’s All We Do.

At Backyard Farms, we are passionate about giving lovers of great tomatoes a fresh-off-the-vine experience all year long. The secret is in how we grow them.

Backyard Farms Personal Gardeners tend to the same plants day after day, getting to know each from the time they are seedlings budding with promise, till the moment they are ready for harvest. From pruning to deleafing, suckering to lowering, our gardeners are there to make sure their plants get just what they need, when they need it.

Then, when fully ripened on the vine, we handpick our fruit, and send it off with care to your local grocer (often on the same day) so you can enjoy that just-picked-from-the-vine experience each and every time you reach for a Backyard Farms tomato.

All Backyard Farms tomatoes are non-GMO and grown with pride in our greenhouses in Madison, Maine.